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Sunglasses For Big Heads: The Ultimate Guide

If you have a larger head, finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be a bit of a challenge. Standard-sized frames may not provide enough coverage or may slip down your nose, leaving you constantly adjusting them. But don't worry, you're not alone! In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about finding the ultimate sunglasses for big heads.

Sunglasses are a staple accessory for many people, providing protection for our eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays while also adding a touch of style to our outfits. We love them, they're great for our eyes, plus they make us look and feel beautiful! However, for individuals with larger head sizes, finding a pair of sunglasses that fit comfortably and look great can be a daunting task. Or, at least, it could seem like, if you don't know where to begin your search. That is why we decided to put together this well-researched and easy-to-digest little vademecum. Follow our recommendations and you'll be good to go and ready for your next new pair of glasses!


1. Frame size

First things first: what you may or may not know is that all eyewear comes with a specific set of measurements. Just like shoes and clothes. It's these measurements that determine whether a pair of sunglasses will fit comfortably on your head or not. Of course, here we're talking about eyewear that you can find inside a store; not the ones that you can buy on the beach for just under 10 bucks... But make no mistake, even the cheapest pair of sunnies in the world is sized keeping in mind the relationship between these dimensions. The 3 main components of any piece of eyewear's ultimate size chart are:

  • Lens width
  • Bridge width
  • Temples length

You will find these dimensions on the interior of the frame, always measured in mm. They'll look something like this: 48-20-130.

A. Lens

The main dimensions to consider is the lens width, which is the distance across the front of the lens at its widest point. The best sunglasses for a big head typically have a lens width of 55mm or greater. 50mm at the very least. Lenses of this size reach past the edges of the face, fully covering the eyes from the sun. They'll feel great to you and look natural and fitting to the people you'll meet.

B. Bridge

The bridge is the part of your glasses that stands between the lenses and sits on your nose. The width of a bridge on a pair of adult sunglasses can range anywhere from 16 to 24 mm, depending on age, gender and ethnicity. A wider bridge doesn't necessarily mean a better fit for a large face. Or a large nose, even. Therefore, our advice is: don't overthink it! Generally, sunglass makers tend to design frames with a bridge that measures around 18 mm. When you are looking for new sunglasses, it is a wise idea to compare the bridge size of your existing pair with the prospective new one. A few millimeters difference is not a big worry, but you should try to avoid a bridge that is too wide or too narrow so that it can fit your face properly. It is all about fit. And if you get the other 2 dimensions right, or, better, if you have some history, you're going to nail the bridge size.

C. Temples

Temples are what will ultimately make or break your look and fit. Get them too long and your glasses will keep sliding down your nose, get them too short and they'll literally hurt you. If you have a large face, chances are that you're going to need glasses with long temples. Adult temple lengths typically range between 130 to 145, and anything beyond that is usually considered as large-fit. Look for temples that are 145 and above - ideally longer than 155 for the largest faces, and you'll be just fine. As is the case for the other 2 measurements, the easiest way to know the ideal size for you is to have had at least one pair of glasses that fit great. Check the inside of the temples and... there's the number you're looking for!

Also, keep in mind that many major brands have specific collections and products labeled "large-fit" or "XL". Search for those particular glasses and you'll be right 100% of the time!


2. Frame shape: the best sunglasses styles for big heads

When it comes to finding eyewear that fits well on big heads, the shape of the frames can play a significant role. Some frame shapes that are known to be more flattering and comfortable on larger head sizes include:


Square or rectangular frames

These shapes can help balance out the proportions of a large head and provide a more streamlined look. They also tend to have larger lenses and longer temples, making them the most popular option for those with bigger heads.

Square | Rectangular | Sunglasses for big heads


Aviator frames

The aviator-style frame has a classic, timeless look and is known for its larger lens size. It also has a wider bridge and long temples, which can provide a more secure and comfortable fit.

Aviators | Sunglasses for big heads

Wrap-around frames

These frames are designed to wrap around the face, providing more coverage and a super-stable fit. They typically have very large lenses, which make them ideal sunglasses for a big head.


Wrap-around | Sunglasses for big heads




Wayfarer frames

Wayfarers are the quintessential sunglasses frames. The very distinctive large trapezoidal shape, combined with wide bridge and temples, just may well be the perfect design for a large face.

Wayfarers | Sunglasses for big heads


It's worth noting that ultimately the best eyewear style for someone with a big head will depend on the individual's face shape. Just remember this:

  • If your face is more on the square side, you'll probably look best wearing softer, rounder, designs. Choose aviators, or wayfarers. If you're a woman and you're in love with round glasses, find some with very large lenses and you may just look fabulous!
  • If your face is more on the round side, on the other hand, go for straight lines and sharp corners. Square or rectangular designs will do the trick.

Also, the best idea is always to try on different frames and see which ones feel most comfortable and flattering. Eyewear dimensions are fundamental when buying sunglasses for big heads, and your particular face shape is important too. But in the end what really matters is: when you look yourself in the mirror, do you like what you see?


3. Best sunglasses for big heads: our picks

Oakley Holbrook XL

Holbrook XL | Sunglasses for big heads

Holbrook, Oakley's best-selling eyewear, with its iconic sleek style, the keyhole bridge and the metal rivets, has been scaled up to fit larger faces. In pure Oakley fashion, Holbrook XL has it all: ultra lightweight O Matter™ frame, HDO® Optics, Prizm™ lens technology. The Plutonite® lenses offer top UV Protection filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB up to 400nm and some of harmful blue light. Looks great, feels great, provides super-protection to your eyes, and offers a quality of vision which is, simply put, the best in the world. Also, it comes in so many different variants that you're going to really struggle to pick just one!


Ray-Ban RB3025 Large

Ray-Ban aviators | Sunglasses for big heads

One of the most iconic styles ever created, Ray-Ban aviator model RB3025 is a sunglass that will never get old. In fact, it's as popular now as ever. If you want to play it safe and still get the best results in terms of look and style, just go for this all-time classic and you will not regret it. Also, note that most Ray-Bans have dozens and dozens of differents variants. You can get a silver frame. You can get it golden. With mirror lenses, polarized, gradient blue, brown, total black. Give your big head an even bigger treat to showcase!


Marc Jacobs 578/s XLT 70

Marc Jacobs Butterfly | Sunglasses for big heads

For all the women out there who struggle to find a great pair of sunglasses for larger heads... check out the new Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection. You're gonna discover some real show-stoppers, and at great prices too! We chose to display this gorgeous butterfly oversized model, but you definitely want to browse the whole collection. Want another expert tip? See the new Havana Marc Jacobs 577-s-xlt. These glasses have nothing to envy to the more famous Guccis or Pradas, and they cost much less!


Polaroid 6128/s XLT SP


Polaroid | Sunglasses for big heads


Another unique treat for women. And this one is so affordable that you could decide to get 2 pairs (because, you know, just in case) and still being on the cheap side! We love this new Polaroid sunglasses collection. It's super-affordable and full of gorgeous little works-of-art. This Havana beige square model by Polaroid is really a thing of beauty. It looks anything but cheap and will give you a young and fashionable look. Also, remember: Polaroid invented polarized lenses back in 1936, and they're still pretty much unbeatable at making them. Your eyes will be well taken care of.


Ray-Ban RB4147 Boyfriend

Ray-Ban Boyfriend | Sunglasses for big heads

The perfect glasses for the perfect boyfriend (!). These super classic Wayfarers by Ray-Ban are available in a whole big range of variants, and they're all as good and flawless as you'd expect Ray-Bans to be. Premium quality materials for the frames, and state-of-the-art technology for the lenses. All packed in timeless aestethics, with a name like no others. These may very well be the best sunglasses for big heads in the market!


Rudy Project Spinshield

Spinshield | Sunglasses for big heads

The ultimate sport eyewear, Spinshield matches cutting-edge design with Rudy Project's high-performance DNA. Equally awesome-looking on both women and men, Spinshield provides excellent protection and comfort for the eyes thanks to a large wrap-around lens, soft rubber tips and nose pads. The ergonomic Pro-Fit temples are designed to ensure a super stable fit.

Here are four models worth considering:

But, hey, there are many more! Check out the new collection - Rudy Project 2023 sunglasses.

More generally speaking, keep in mind that sunglasses designed specifically for sport activities, such as running, cycling, or golfing are often made with a larger frame to accommodate a more secure and comfortable fit. If you're looking to shop for sport eyewear we recommend sticking to the best in business: Oakley and Rudy Project. These two brands have an incredibly wide range of products (for all pockets!) and their optical tech is light-years ahead than their competitors'.


4. Where to buy sunglasses for a big head

Nowadays it's incredibly easy to find and buy eyewear online. So much so that there's a very high probability that you're going to get scammed with glasses that are not authentic or sold at much higher prices than they should. This happens more often than you may think. If you want to minimize risks and increase your chances of getting genuine and beautiful sunglasses, just follow these few tips and you'll be just fine.

  1. Authenticity. First of all, make sure you shop from an Official Authorized Seller, like LookerOnline. Online stores like LookerOnline have a license from big manufacturers like Luxottica (Oakley, Ray-Ban, Persol, Prada...) that legally allows them to sell their brands. You don't trust the information the online store is giving you? Google the website name and search for customer reviews.
  2. Warranty. Look for manufacturer’s warranty. All brands sold at LookerOnline have a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. Price. Google the exact name of the model you want to buy and look for the lowest price. Be mindful, though: very often the price displayed doesn't include shipping fees. Favor online stores that are upfront about their shipping policies and fees and make this information easily accessible (here's LookerOnline's shipping policy).
  4. Price-match. You've found just the perfect sunglasses on a website but you're going to spend a fortune in shipping? Send an e-mail to a competitor that has lower shipping costs and ask if they can match that price. Chances are, they will. We will be able to do it in most cases.
  5. Free returns. Most reliable online retailers offer a 30-day free return policy (minus shipping costs). Run from the ones that don't!

You should know it by now, but just in case you missed the scattered memos... LookerOnline is THE place to buy the best sunglasses for a big head! We're committed to offering our customers the best brands at unbeatable prices, and we'll go the extra-mile to offer the best possible customer experience. Let us help you!


5. Summary

In conclusion, finding sunglasses that fit comfortably on a larger head can be challenging at times, but it's definitely possible. Look for larger frames (large-fit or xl), pay attention to the size of the frame, and consider adjustable nose pads or flexible frames. Opt for brands that resonate with your sense of style and choose frames and products that fit well on larger heads. Like the Oakley Holbrook XL, or the classic Ray-Ban aviators or Wayfarers. Don't be afraid to spend a little more for a high-quality, well-made pair of sunglasses, and check out the latest trends for stylish options. With just a little patience and perseverance, we're sure that you'll find just the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. You have the information, now!

Want to keep updated with all the latest fashion trends and news from the eyewear world? Make sure you visit LookerOnline's blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for ideas and inspiration on your style!


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