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Go Green - Sustainable Shipping


When we started our company we decided that we wouldn’t have settled for nothing less than maximum effort when it came to making choices that affect the wellbeing of our beloved planet. And we haven’t changed a bit: we just don’t compromise on that.

We believe that all companies should strike the right balance between taking ownership of emissions reduction in their own operations and carbon offsetting. Whether it’s alternative vehicles, optimized transport routes, or energy-efficient warehouses, there are many ways to limit Co2 emissions and work toward a sustainable future.

The time to build a better tomorrow is always now, and the way we do that is by setting ambitious goals for ourselves and take action.
That is why we partnered with
DHL Express and married their GoGreen Carbon Neutral service.


go green shipping by dhl


The GoGreen program is designed to offer companies a more environmentally-responsible shipping option by calculating carbon emissions generated by transporting each shipment from pickup to delivery. The carbon emissions are then offset through climate protection projects including reforestation, renewable energy, waste disposal, wind power and others, in a global effort that spans from India to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Uganda, Lesotho, Eritrea, Turkey, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Chile, and other countries worldwide.

Ensuring accountability and transparency, the program is annually verified by an independent certifying body – the Swiss-based Société Générale de Surveillance. Customers receive yearly certification from DHL stating the total amount of Co2 offset and the total of “carbon credits” earned. For every kilogram of carbon produced by our shipments, DHL will calculate the relative compensation through their world-leading patented Co2 footprint assessment, and invest the exact same amount in projects geared toward environmental protection. 


dhl gogreen shipping


All our international shipments are now certified GoGreen, which means that yes, we successfully manage to have 100% zero carbon footprint on our international shipments! We cannot overstate how happy that makes us.

The GoGreen program also provides us with detailed information about the logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain, helps us better understand our the impact of our business on the environment, and gives us actionable solutions. It comes with a small cost today, but it will pay great dividends tomorrow. That’s what’s all about.