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Terms of Sale


These General Sales Conditions regulate the relations between COLARC SRL and its Customers in relation to the remote purchase of Products made through the company’s Internet website.

For everything not expressly covered by these General Sales Conditions, reference is made to the provisions of Law Decree 185 dated 22 May 1999 and to the applicable provisions of the Italian Civil Code.


1) Definitions

Customer: the individual person who purchases on the company's Internet website.

COLARC SRL: the company COLARC SRL, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Grosseto under no. GR84581, Tax Code and VAT no. 01091330538.

Website: the Internet website owned by COLARC SRL, located at the URL

Products: the goods sold by COLARC SRL to the Customer as stated in the Order Confirmation and having the features and qualities described on the website.

Order Confirmation: relates to the acceptance by the Customer, sent to COLARC SRL through the Internet, of the unit price of the Product (meaning the total price of the Products in the case of a multi-article purchase), of transport costs, of the characteristics and quality of the Product (or Products) and of the provisions of these General Sales Conditions.


 2) Premise

COLARC SRL’s e-commerce business involves dealing exclusively with the “consumer”, to whom the products are offered on sale on the website. By “consumer” is meant the individual person who acts for purposes not related to any business or professional activities performed. COLARC SRL therefore invites those bodies which do not fall within the “consumer” category not to send purchase orders relating to the articles sold by COLARC SRL on the website. Considering the above-described business policy, COLARC SRL reserves the right not to follow-up orders placed by bodies other than “consumers” or orders that do not conform to its business policies.


3) Closing of the Contract

Acceptance by COLARC SRL of the Order Confirmation sent by the Customer through the Internet, shall determine the closing of the Contract. By closing the Contract, COLARC SRL commits to provide the Customer with the purchased Products, in accordance with the terms and the conditions indicated in these General Sales Conditions, without prejudice to COLARC SRL’s right not to accept orders from persons who do not provide suitable guarantees of solvency.

  • By sending the Order Confirmation, the Customer accepts without reserve and undertakes to observe, in its dealings with COLARC SRL, the provisions of these General Sales Conditions. Sending the Order Confirmation therefore implies the Customer’s total awareness and acceptance of these General Sales Conditions as well as further sales details found on the website pages.
  • Upon the Contract being closed with the acceptance of the Order Confirmation by COLARC SRLCOLARC SRL shall send the Customer an e-mail message containing details of the order (prices, quantities and Product specifics).


4) Payment

Payment of the Product price and relative shipping costs must be made by the Customer using one of the procedures specified on the website.


5) Declarations, obligations and guarantees

COLARC SRL is not in a position to guarantee exact correspondence of the products' appearance in terms of image and colours as these appear on the Customer’s monitor. The Parties mutually accept that the products presented on the website may no longer be available or on sale at the time the website is accessed by the user and that the prices could undergo updating. All the Products are complete with label attached with single-use seal. If the Customer tries the Products on, this must be done without removing the label and the seal. Therefore, COLARC SRL shall be entitled not to accept returned Products devoid of the label and seal, pursuant to art. 6.


6) Right of Withdrawal

The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Contract, without any penalty and without specifying any reason within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from reception of the Products, in accordance with Italian Law (see Dlgs 185/99). The right of withdrawal must be exercised within the aforementioned conditions and in accordance with our Return Policy, as stated on the website. Our Return Policy extends the available time for Returns to 30 days.

The Right of Withdrawal shall be deemed correctly exercised once the following conditions have also been fully met:

A) The Product must look exactly as it did when first opened
B) The label must still be attached to the Product with its single-use seal;
C) The Product must not have been used, worn or washed;
D) The Product must be returned in its original packaging;
E) The Products must be sent to COLARC SRL in a single dispatch. COLARC SRL reserves the right not to accept parts belonging to a single order returned at different times.

If the Right of Withdrawal is exercised by the Customer in conformity with the provisions of these General Sales Conditions, COLARC SRL shall refund the sum already paid, net of any shipping costs, to the Customer, as quickly as possible and within 30 (thirty) days from the date of communication by the Customers of their decision to exercise the Right to Withdraw.
In the event of the conditions established in these General Sales Conditions for correctly exercising the right to withdraw not being observed, the Customer shall not be entitled to any refund; nevertheless, the Customers shall return the Products to COLARC SRL at their own expense, and shall comply with the aforementioned conditions when preparing the item for shipping, and when shipping.


7) Applicable law

The Contract shall be governed by the Law of Italy.