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Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid Eyewear is a worldwide leader in eye-care and optics and a pioneering brand that owes its name to the invention that revolutionized the world of eyewear technology: polarized lenses. Since it was established by Edwin Land in 1937, Polaroid has built its reputation as a leading brand, focused on researching and developing state-of-the-art optics' tech, and sold millions and millions of glasses of all kinds and styles.

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  1. Polaroid 04213 Sunglasses PLD{PRODUCT.NAME} 00U/H8
  2. Polaroid 04213 Sunglasses PLD{PRODUCT.NAME} A4X/Y2
  3. Polaroid 07886 Sunglasses PLD{PRODUCT.NAME} 9CA/RC
  4. Polaroid 07886 Sunglasses PLD{PRODUCT.NAME} SZA/Y2
  5. Polaroid 1012/S Sunglasses PLD{PRODUCT.NAME} CVL/Y2