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Palm Angels Sunglasses

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Palm Angels Sunglasses 2024

Brace yourself for the future of cool.

Palm Angels sunglasses for 2024 aren't just shades – they're a statement of laid-back Californian luxury with a subversive edge. Founded in 2015 by artistic director Francesco Ragazzi, Palm Angels injects a dose of rebellious spirit into high fashion. Merging skate culture with Italian craftsmanship, the brand quickly garnered a cult following for its unique aesthetic.

This season's collection perfectly embodies that signature Palm Angels vibe. Think bold, statement frames that redefine what sunglasses can be. We're talking oversized aviators that ooze vintage charm, chunky square frames with a distinctly modern twist, and sleek, rectangular silhouettes that exude effortless sophistication. Expect a material palette that's as high-quality as it is diverse. Acetate takes center stage, available in a spectrum of colors that run from classic black to unexpected pops like sunshine yellow and electric blue. Metallics add a touch of luxe, while some styles boast playful mirrored lenses for an extra dose of intrigue.

Whether you're a longtime Palm Angels devotee or simply seeking a pair of sunglasses that push boundaries and turn heads, this collection delivers. It's a masterclass in marrying streetwise swagger with undeniable Italian quality. With Palm Angels on your face, you'll be channeling the spirit of California cool with an undeniably fashion-forward twist. So go ahead, express yourself – Palm Angels has the perfect pair of sunglasses to make your statement.