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Polaroid sunglasses 2021 for men and women
The Polaroid company was founded in 1937 in Connecticut by the genius of Edwin Land, who at the age of 20 had patented the world’s first polarizing material, Polaroid.
By 1935, however, Land had been manufacturing glasses in collaboration with the American Optical Company, Polaroid Day Glasses.
In 1939, the latter was the company’s main source of income, so much so that Polaroid began a collaboration with the armed forces to produce special frames for the army.
But it was in 1972 that the American company started the real production of polarized Polaroid glasses, then purchased in 2011 by the multinational Safilo.

Made with high quality materials, so as to ensure comfort and durability, all Polaroid products are strictly equipped with polarized lenses with Ultrasight technology, which protect the eyes from UV rays making the vision clear and clean.
Within the collections are recognizable classic shapes, such as round, aviator lenses with drip or square wayfarer style for men, and cat eyes with "pointed" lenses for women.
Polaroid aims to anticipate trends, customizing the timeless classics of the world eyewear with urban details, with a contemporary style, and to sell at an affordable price all its products.
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