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How to choose the size of your glasses

Surely you will found the "size - bridge - temples" on the product's page (59 - 14 - 145). If you do not know what it means, you're in the right place!

Basically with the size of the glasses we mean certain measures that will help you to understand the dimensions of the eyeglasses or sunglasses you are interested in, making it easier your purchase.

The eyeglasses or sunglasses size, expressed with millimeters, represents the diameter of the lenses. Thanks to this value you will be able to determine the size of the lenses and above all you can understand which glasses is most suitable for you. Usually the smallest caliber is used by women, while the large caliber fits better on the male faces.
Usually: the smaller your face will be, the smaller the caliber you will need.

Bridge, also this expressed in millimeters, is the distance between the two lenses. It's important for estabilish if the glasses will fit good at your nose.

Temples rapresent the length (in millimeters) of glasses rods.

Check the imagine that you can find below. Thanks her you will able to buy your eyeglasses or sunglasses with perfect size for you!


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