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Guide to the size of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses

How to choose the size of your glasses
You will found the wording "size - bridge - temples" on the product's page.
But what they means?

  • The size, expressed in millimeters, represents the diameter of the lenses.
    Thanks to this value you will be able to determine the size of the lenses and above all you can understand which glasses is most suitable for you. 
    Usually the smallest caliber is used by women, while the large caliber fits better on male's faces.

  • The bridge, also this expressed in millimeters, is the distance between the two lenses.
    It's important for estabilish if the glasses will fit good at your nose.

  • The temples, rapresent the length (in millimeters) of glasses sticks.

If is not clear, check the imagine that you can find below.
If will be not clear also after that, you can contact us for any other information.


How to choose the right contact lenses
When we shop contact lenses is very important to not mistake the choose.
Thanks to this guide you will be able to choose the right ones.

To choose the right contact lenses you will need to understand the values ​​found on their packaging: (see the picture below)

  • Power/diopters (PWR), is the value of diopters. (marked with a red circle on the picture)
    In some chases you can also find the wording sphere (SPH).

  • Cylinder (CYL), in toric lenses, is the power (expressed in diopters) of the astigmatism correction. (the first value marked with a yellow rectangle in the picture)

  • Axis (AX), in toric lenses, is the value of the degrees to which the cylinder must be placed to correct astigmatism. (the second value marked with a yellow rectangle in the picture) 

  • Addiction (ADD), in multifocal lenses, is the level of the correction that you need to see in near space.
    That will be low (LO), medium (MED) or high (HI). (marked with a green underline in the picture)

power contact lenses

How to choose the size of your helmet

helmets size guidechoose your hemlet

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