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Adidas Sport SP0053 02E

  • €159

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For who Unisex
Frame color Matte Black
Frame material 001
Frame shape Shield
Gtin1 889214298560
Lens color Brown
Lens technology Photochromic
Product size 00-0-0


Discover the ultimate blend of style and performance with Adidas Sport ski goggles. Trusted by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, these goggles are crafted for peak functionality in challenging alpine conditions.

Designed with precision and comfort in mind, Adidas Sport snow goggles boast an ergonomic fit and cutting-edge technology. This distinctive black/brown model showcases Adidas' commitment to excellence, providing unparalleled performance on the slopes. Ideal for everyone seeking top-tier protection, the SP0053 02E promises to elevate your skiing experience with Adidas' renowned quality.

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