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Burberry sunglasses for women

Top 10 Burberry Sunglasses for Women to Rule 2024

Look fierce this summer with the hottest Burberry sunglasses! LookerOnline curates the Top 10 Burberry picks for women, featuring timeless styles & trendy shades to flatter every face shape.

Sun's out, shades on! As summer 2024 heats up, it's time to shield your eyes in style. Enter the world of Burberry sunglasses for women, where luxury meets ultimate sun protection. The new Burberry sunglasses 2024 collection goes beyond mere sunglasses – they're an investment in timeless design and an effortless way to elevate your look.

From classic silhouettes to trend-setting styles, prepare to find your perfect pair and conquer the season with confidence. Dive into our guide to the Top 10 Burberry Sunglasses for Women in 2024 and get ready to rule the year in iconic fashion!

The Best Burberry Sunglasses for Women in 2024

Since its humble beginnings in 1856, Burberry has woven a rich tapestry in the world of fashion. From humble beginnings crafting weatherproof outerwear for English explorers, the brand has evolved into a global symbol of luxury, synonymous with timeless elegance and a touch of rebellion. Their iconic check pattern, inspired by a founder's hunting attire, adorns everything from scarves to handbags, instantly recognizable and a mark of discerning taste.

Burberry's dedication to quality and innovation extends beyond clothing. Their foray into eyewear exemplifies this commitment. Each pair of Burberry sunglasses is a testament to the brand's heritage, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing only the finest materials. From the signature check pattern adorning the temples to the premium lenses offering exceptional sun protection, Burberry sunglasses are designed to not only shield your eyes but also elevate your look.

However, Burberry isn't just about heritage – they understand the modern woman's desire for both classic appeal and contemporary flair. Their 2024 eyewear collection (Burberry eyewear 2024) reflects this perfectly, offering a diverse selection that caters to every taste.

Get ready to embark on a journey through the world of Burberry. Buckle up and prepare to discover the Top 10 Burberry Sunglasses for Women in 2024, a curated list designed to empower you to find the perfect pair that embodies your unique style and allows you to rule the season with confidence.

1. Burberry BE4421U

First on our list is the brand new Burberry BE4421U.

Luxottica (Burberry Eyewear Manufacturer) has just started producing these new Burberry sunglasses for women and we couldn't love them more. Unfortunately they're still unavailable and they'll probably won't come out until the end of April. But you know what?

You can pre-order yours today at LookerOnline and get it at a whopping 35% discount! Just drop us a line at and ask our customer service to make you a custom order. You'll be the first one in the whole world to receive this wonderfully bold cat-eye model!

Check the different colors below:

2. Burberry BE4425U

Slightly less bold than our previous pick, but as gorgeous as eyewear can get, the new Burberry BE4425U is another model to die for!

Pre-order yours today at LookerOnline. You'll be able to choose among beautiful colors, all perfect for the pale palettes' trend of 2024. You'll want to wear this Burberry sunglasses for women starting from dawn until sunset, and perhaps even later!

Check them all out below:

3. Burberry BE4407

Very much available, and going pretty strong with our customers, is the stunning new Burberry BE4407. We love these Burberry sunglasses for women so much!

This one is Burberry in a nutshell! A super-elegant butterfly model, available in beautiful color variants, included the iconic check pattern. If you're looking to be the classiest woman out there, look no further!

Take a look at the options below:

4. Burberry BE4323

Inspired by the same aesthetics as the butterfly frame we just saw, the new Burberry BE4323 is an oversized butterfly/square model that have nothing to envy to any other sunglass out there.

Classy, light, and sophisticated, these new Burberry sunglasses for women truly are a thing of beauty you'll never get tired of.

Check them out below:

5. Burberry BE3152

Another much-awaited piece among all of us Burberry lovers is the new Burberry BE3152.

These imaginative Burberry sunglasses for women will become available in a few weeks and we just can't wait!  

Everything about this model speaks creativity: the unique half-moon lenses' shape, the never-seen-before bridge, the rounded temples. We love it!!

Drop us a line at and pre-order yours today!

6. Burberry BE3151

Here comes the inevitable aviator model: Burberry BE3151.

Pre-order yours today and be the first one to rock these lovely shades this year. Light but sturdy, minimal and stylish, these Burberry sunglasses for women are yet another ideal choice for the upcoming summer. 

Pick yours and wear it forever!

7. Burberry BE3148D

Here we go with Burberry's latest round marvel, Burberry BE3148D.

Boy, do we adore this one! And it couldn't get more trendy than this in 2024. If you've seen some of the latest models by Giorgio Armani, or Chloe, you know what we're talking about. The round model renaissance is true and is here to stay!

Check out these wonderful Burberry sunglasses for women:

8. Burberry BE3136D

Classy and refined, it was impossible for the new Burberry BE3136D not to make our top 10. We love it when Burberry goes understated.

An original piece available in gorgeous pale colors, these Burberry sunglasses for women are a must-have.

Pick yours today!

9. Burberry BE4408

One of the most imaginative models from the new collection, the new Burberry BE4408 is one of those models that won't disappear easily.

Bold, both in their futuristic shape and in the unique colors of the frame and lenses, these Burberry sunglasses for women are nothing short of sensational. It's one of those models that really makes it hard for you to only buy it in one color!

See the gorgeous variants below:

10. Burberry BE4410

We've left it for last, but could have easily been the first on our list, Burberry BE4410 is amazing!!

A truly oversized model available in the most  classic color options of them all, black and Havana, with the brand's name engraved in gold on the temples, these Burberry sunglasses for women are a killer piece! 

Shall we get one? Or Shall we get two?!

2024 Burberry Sunglasses for Women: Get Yours Today

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