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Carrera was founded in Austria in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger, who was already a productor of sportive glasses, with the idea of make sunglasses inspired by the car racing Carrera Panamericana. In the 60s Carrera made a new material called "Optyl", more light than normal acetate, and who, thanks to his elasticity, adapt better to all face type, both of men and women. In 1974 the company start a collaboration with the car manufacturer Porsche, giving life to the Porsche Design Collection. But we need to wait untill the company becomes italian, at the ent of 90s, to see the born of the real best seller of the brand, Safari and Champion, both thought during the first ten years of 2000, and recently revised with the name of New Safari and New Champion. Over time, Carrera sunglasses are increasingly becoming a status symbol because the importance of the brand continues to grow to excess.

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