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On Lookeronline you will find all the best brands of cycling sunglasses for men and women.
Photochromic and polarized items that ensure you top performance.

About cycling lovers, Oakley have developed Prizm Road lenses. With them you’ll have great visibility by the increase of contrast light.
This technology is designed to make you notice the minimal variations of the asphalt and thank this you'll be able to quickly avoid holes or stones.
With Prizm lenses your eyes will be protected from UV rays, and you’ll have the chance to enjoy the colors that surround you, making your sports day even more nice.

Discover new Rudy Project cycling sunglasses for men and women. Items made with the latest generation material, making them ultra light and ultra resistant. All Rudy sport sunglasses are equipped by polarized and Impact X photochromic lenses.
Thanks them you’ll have great visibility with all weather.
Impact X lenses are unbreakable, this prevents face injuries in case of fall or impact.

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