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Cookie policy

A cookie is an application transmitted to the user’s hard disk; it does not contain any comprehensible information but associates the user with the personal information registered on the web site. Our site uses automatic systems to collect data that is not directly communicated by the user, such as cookies.

Internet browsers have a function that makes it possible to cancel cookies after each session. The browser provides instructions on the cancellation procedure. Familiarise yourself with it. Acceptance of automatic data collection and use of cookies are necessary to make use of the site and its services. If you have activated cookie cancellation, lookeronline.com (COLARC srl) cannot guarantee that you will have access to full visualization of certain web pages, or be entitled to obtain certain services, such as for example the memorization and visualization, on given web page.

Third-party cookies
When you use the website, you may also be sent third-party cookies. Star is not to be held responsible for cookies sent to third parties. Below follows a list of the third-party cookies.
Through its cookies (such as the cookies of Google Analytics) and the third-party ones (DoubleClick cookies) Google  generates statistical information about the website and its use, it implements the functions of Google Analytics based on display advertisements  and other  that reveal one's interests (Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, the DoubleClick  campaign Manager integration or Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting). Google will store and use this information. Further useful privacy and security related materials can be found onhttp://www.google.com/intl/en_en/policies/technologies/cookies/
You may disable the cookies of Google on http://www.google.com/settings/ads. 

Cookies are stored on our server and no one has access to the information they contain. Only lookeronline.com (COLARC srl) processes the information collected through cookies, only in anonymous and aggregate status, in order to optimize our services and our site in relation to the specific requirements and preferences of our users.

Please read carefully our Privacy Policy.