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    The ultimate 21st Century trend-setter, in the last 20 years Tom Ford has shaped the world of luxury fashion with his unique vision and style.

    In 2005, after leaving his role as creative director at Gucci and founding his own personal brand, the American designer decided to partner with Italian eyewear producer Marcolin for a soon-to-become revolutionary partnership. Little did we know that in a few years that move would have completely redefined the concept of eyewear worldwide, making it the essential, non-negotiable accessory of today's modern look.

    The new 2022 sunglasses collection is a gem among gems, in line with Tom Ford's own brand of modernist aesthetics, with innovative and provocatory designs, attention to the finest details, motifs from the 70s, and soft angles.

    Check out the stunning ft0008 for women, or a modern pilot model like the ft0334 for men.

    Take a look at great classic models like the Marco for men and the gorgeous Chiara for women.

    How about true works of art made of the best titanium? You've got to see the Hayden for men, and the Milla for women.

    There is so much variety in this collection that we all end up wanting them all! Scroll down the page and browse through all the different models yourself. We challenge you to find one that is not a head-turning, look-smashing, oh-God-why-don't-I-have-it-yet, I-so-need-that absolute masterpiece!

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