New Sunglasses 2022

    Collection: New Sunglasses 2022

    Get inspired by the new sunglasses collections of the best brand and transform your outfit drab to fab and protect your eyes at the same time.

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    On LookerOnline you can choose from a great selection of sunglasses brands: beautiful frames for men and women in all shapes and styles, materials, and colors, for fashionistas and sports lovers alike. The range of styles is almost endless and offers everything you could wish for when shopping for eyewear.

    All the sunglasses we select for our customers are made with the best quality materials, and the great workmanship behind the industry’s top brands always ensures a great comfortable fit. Choose from all our premium types of lenses: polarized, photochromic, mirrored, or go for the Oakley PRIZM lens technology.

    Discover our polarized sunglasses: the polarized lenses absorb the reflected light, so that you can see clearly in all light conditions, whether the sun is low on the horizon, high in the sky, whether it’s snowing or raining cats and dogs.

    Photochromic sunglasses darken depending on the proportion of UV rays. Indoors the lenses are transparent but just step outside in the sunshine and they will automatically darken. They are the go-to choice for people who just want one pair of glasses and that’s it. Add the photochromic lenses to your favorite frame, and you’re set for life!

    Mirrored sunglasses make sure nobody can tell what time you got home last night. They screen you eyes from unwanted staring contests, as they are completely opaque from the outside. They are the best sunglasses for outdoor sports.

    Lenses made with Prizm Oakley technology enhance contrast and detail in your vision, as they are calibrated on the specific light conditions you are going to experience. Whether it be skiing or snowboarding, riding your bike on your favorite trail, or kayaking, you’ll always be able to focus on the road ahead and take the best decisions. When it comes to innovation and research on performance, know that Oakley doesn’t joke around!

    Too many choices and you don’t know which brand or design will fit best with your style? Just take a look to our blog and you’ll find our best advice on all the latest fashion trends and eyewear tech updates.

    Once you’ve found your favorite frame on our store, just add the sunglasses to your cart, choose your lens color, and opt for them to be polarized at checkout.

    The moment your order leaves our warehouse we will send you an email with the tracking number and all shipping information. You’ll be showing off your glasses in no time!

    Read more about our shipping here, and take a look to our Refund Policy here.

    Go visit our store! Scroll down this page, or pick one brand from the menu above. Buy now on LookerOnline!


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