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    Can you tell the history of sports eyewear without mentioning Oakley? You know the answer, right?

    Since it was started by founder James Jannard in his garage in 1975, Oakley has come a long way. First focusing on motorcycle grips and BMX accessories, the company has undergone so many big changes and defining moments in its more than 45-years-long history. The O-Frame goggles, first launched in 1980, shocked the sports world with their futuristic design. The Factory Pilot Eyeshades, released in 1984, redefined the concept of sports sunglasses. Having always taken great input from athletes and tested its products in the most extreme conditions, Oakley has become a crucial partner for the U.S. Armed Forces and has provided the military with the best eyewear tech since forever.

    Oakley's logo, ever-present on the signature goggles' straps, is arguably as iconic as any other sports logo in the world. You won't be able to stand in line at any chairlift in the world without spotting the logo somewhere around you. There's a reason for that: Oakley's understanding of sports eyewear technology and design is simply unmatched.

    Thanks to its patented PRIZM lens technology, Oakley's latest collection offers a huge selection of sunglasses and goggles specifically designed to support you in all your different sports activities and make sure you always perform at your best.

    See some from the PRIZM Trail line, like the oo9406 and the oo9290 Jawbreaker. These are ideal for off-road cycling.

    Explore the PRIZM Deep Water range, designed to thrive at the sea, whether you're sailing or trying to catch a fish! Check out the Holbrook oo9102, or the Radar oo9208.

    The PRIZM Field are perfect for outdoor ball and disc sports, for they enhance the contrast between sky, ground, and objects. Take a peek at the oo9188 and the oo9471 Encoder.

    You're all about the winter life and can't live well too far from a ski slope? That's Oakley's bread and butter! Check out all the goggles and sunglasses with PRIZM Snow technology: see the Sutro oo9406, the absolute looker Latch oo9265, or get yourself the Flight Deck oo7064.

    There are literally hundreds and hundreds of options to choose from, and they're all just perfect! Top-of-the-industry tech, crazy-cool designs, super competitive prices... Start scrolling down and lose yourself in the depths of the 2022 sunglasses collection. You're going to find exactly what you're looking for, guaranteed!

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