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    Sunglasses and Movies: A Winning Combo!

    From being a simple device to protect the eyes from UV rays, sunglasses have become a real fashion accessory.
    Wearing sunglasses means showing your personality and standing out from others.
    Surely, one reason why we love wearing them is because we have seen them in movies, worn by the most famous actors.
    Just think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun with the legendary Ray Ban Aviator.
    After the release of the film in 1986, the sale of the famous 3025 increased by 40%! This means that sunglasses in movies have a great positive impact.
    With Ray Ban in first place, other lesser-known brands have also managed to win the hearts of the general public thanks to some successful films.
    Let's discover the best movies sunglasses together!

    Oakley Holbrook

    Let’s start with the ultimate sports accessories brand: Oakley.
    It has been featured in many films with some of its best-sellers. Let’s discover them more closely.
    Ice Cube and Titus Welliver wore Oakley Holbrook sunglasses in the comedy 22 Jump Street and in Transformers: Age of Extintion.
    Inspired by the silver screen performers of the 1950s, they feature a classic design while boasting the latest in optical technology.
    With Prizm lenses available in a variety of colors, they feature the Oakley square logo on the temples.

    Ice Cube and Titus Welliver wearing Oakley holbrook sunglasses

    Oakley Radar Path

    Next is a sport model, loved by athletes around the world.
    The Oakley Radar Path polarized thanks to the higher lenses allow you to have an expanded field of vision and thus significantly improve your performance.
    In the photo below we see them worn by Jennifer Aniston in the black comedy Horrible Bosses and Vin Diesel in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, both in prescription version.

    Jennifer Aniston and vin diesel wearing oakley radar path

    Oakley Fuel Cell

    Technology and art fused into a single model: Oakley Fuel Cell.
    Featured in the American action horror film Drive Angry, they’re worn by Nicolas Cage in total black.
    A truly original model with polarized lenses and impact protection that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

    nicolas cage wearing oakley fuel cell shades

    Oakley Whisker

    To conclude with Oakley, let’s see together the sunglasses worn by American actor Steven Seagal: Oakley Whisker sunglasses.
    Strictly with orange lenses and black frame those of the protagonist of Absolution, have a very thin silhouette and are available with different Prizm lenses.

    steven seagal wearing oakley whisker sunglasses

    Persol PO0714

    Let’s now move to Italy with Persol.
    There have been several appearances of the brand in Hollywood movies.
    Certainly the most iconic were those in 1968 with Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, and with Kevin Spacey in All the Money of the World, 2017.
    The model in question is the iconic Persol PO0714 folding.
    Teardrop shape, key bridge and unmistakable folding system.

    steve mcqueen and kevin spacey wearing persol 0714

    Versace Aviators

    It’s 2019 when the Versace sunglasses worn by American rapper Snopp Dogg make their appearance in the comedy The Beach Bum.
    They come with a classic pilot shape and the iconic golden Medusa on the temples distinguish them.
    The bridge is decorated with a piece of leather also embellished with the ever-present Medusa detail.

    snoop dogg wearing versace sunglasses

    Tom Ford Marko

    In Skyfall, from the James Bond series, the protagonist Daniel Craig wears Tom Ford sunglasses men, in particular the Marko model.
    Metal sunglasses, elegant and finished with the signature “T” logo.
    If you too want to look like a real 007, you just have to try them!

    daniel craig in skyfall wearing tom ford shades

    In first place in the ranking of the brand sunglasses most worn in Hollywood movies, could only be Ray Ban.
    Many different models that have made the history of cinema.

    Ray Ban Wayfarer

    Let’s start with one of the most renowned models in the history of sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarers 2140. Designed for the first time in 1952, even today they are enjoying huge success among the biggest celebrities.
    Just to name a few, Emma Stone wear them in Easy A and Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

    emma stone and leonardo di caprio wearing ray ban wayfarer

    Ray Ban New Wayfarer

    After talking about the iconic Wayfarers, we cannot but mention Ray Ban 2132 New Wayfarer.
    Modern revise with more narrow frame and sweeter lines, but maintaining the same classic shape.
    We find them with Mark Ruffalo in the comedy-drama film Begin Again, and with Tye Sheridan in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    mark ruffalo and tye sheridan wearing ray ban new wayfarer

    Ray Ban Outdoorsman

    Another best seller of the brand are the Ray Ban Outdoorsman.
    Sunglasses with a metal frame, basically identical to the classic aviators, but with two main differences. The temples that end up curled and the double bridge with a bar to prevent sweat.
    The “Skeet Glass”, as they were originally called, are worn by Sylvester Stallone in the film Cobra, and by Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    brad pitt and sylvester stallone wearing ray ban outdoorsman sunglasses

    Ray Ban Shooter

    Another model that has made the history of the brand are the Ray Ban shooter. Designed for the first time in the late ’30s for military use, they featured a rim in the central structure of the bridge that acted as a cigarette holder.
    The shooter could smoke in any situation by simply placing the cigarette in the slot.
    Another novelty was the lens with “Kalichrome C” filters, the well-known yellow lenses.
    In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas they are worn by Johnny Depp in the role of Raoul Duke.

    johnny depp in fear and loathing in Las Vegas wearing ray ban shooter

    Ray Ban Aviator

    Finally, the most iconic model in the world of sunglasses could not miss: Ray Ban RB3025 aviator large metal.
    Undoubtedly, the most worn sunglasses in the history of cinema: from Julia Roberts to Dwayne Johnson, from Bradley Cooper to Angelina Jolie.
    Initially designed for US. aviators in 1937, they remain today a great classic absolutely fashionable, loved by all.

    ray ban 3025 in most iconic movies

    There are truly an infinite number of sunglasses worn on the big screen by Hollywood’s great actors.
    This was only a small part, an idea of how fundamental an accessory can be.
    The sunglasses have become an inevitable part of the iconography of a character, making it loved even more by the general public.
    Discover all the models on and feel like a real movie star wearing your favorite pair!

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