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    Rudy Project Propulse: perfect sunglasses for paddle

    In recent years, the number of people playing paddle has increased exponentially.
    Nowadays, there are over 45 million players and thousands of paddle fields installed around the world.
    In Spain, paddle is the second most popular sport, with much higher numbers than tennis.
    This discipline is perfect for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. It is very easy to learn and is perfect for those who want to keep fit without excessive physical effort.
    An opportunity to meet up with friends and spend a day of fun.
    Even the great sportsmen are becoming increasingly passionate about this sport: from footballers like Francesco Totti and Zlatan Ibrahimović to tennis players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

    Novak Djokovic playing paddle

    But let’s take a step back and find out when this discipline dates back to.

    Primitive Paddle on the ships

    Let’s start from the beginning. It seems that a sort of primitive paddle made its appearance at the end of the nineteenth century.
    During the England-Caribbean route, the sailors of the crew, to kill time, had invented a game to do in the hold. Equipped with a paddle (from here the name of this sport) and a ball, began to play from one side to the other of the ship.
    Given the small size of the “playing field”, they decided to take advantage of the walls to help themselves to hit the ball and send it back to the opponent’s field.

    sailors invented a game with paddle and a ball during the england-caribbean route

    Frank Beal created paddle tennis

    Another version of the story gives the creation of paddle tennis to New York Reverend Frank Beal in 1898.
    Beal’s intent was to create a pastime for the children of Greenwich Village.

    Frank Beal created paddle tennis for the children of the greenwich village

    What he made, appeared as a miniature tennis court surrounded by a metal fence to avoid losing the balls. At the time, sponge balls and solid wooden rackets were used, both available with the paddle kit, which was soon on the market.

    paddle tennis complete official set

    Blanchard and Cogswell – Platform tennis

    Let’s continue with another testimony, according to which the paddle would derive its origins from the so-called Platform Tennis.
    It was the 1920s when Fessenden Blanchard and James Cogswell, near Scarsdale, New York, came up with the idea of creating a sport that could be practiced outdoors even with the cold winter temperatures.
    The idea was to create a field where you could play both volleyball and badminton.
    Obviously, due to the limited spaces, the platform that was built was too small for the two sports, so much so that it was adapted to play paddle tennis.
    To avoid that during the winter the field frosts, they raised the floor and built a system of indoor heating, with wooden floors and walls.

    blanchard and cogswell created platform tennis

    Enrique Corcuera, the real inventor of current paddle tennis

    According to some sources, the real inventor of paddle is undoubtedly Enrique Corcuera.
    The Mexican patron was driven by the desire to build a tennis court in the garden of his villa.
    As happened to the two North Americans, he also encountered space problems caused by the walls of the house.
    That’s why, he decided to make them part of the intergalactic playing field.
    He created “paddle tennis”, a mix of tennis, fronton and table tennis.
    The rules were very simple: you only played one set of 21, recalling the style of ping-pong.
    As time passed, new rules were added, the dimensions were adapted and the tennis score was adopted.

    enrique corcuera is the real inventor of paddle tennis in the garden of his villa

    Paddle’s extraordinary increase

    Very soon the paddle has increased visibly. First in Spain, then in Argentina and quickly in the rest of the world.
    On July 25, 1991 the International Padel Federation was founded in Madrid, with one mission: “To grow and promote the sport of Padel on a worldwide scale”.
    In the picture below, two of the greatest paddle players: Paquito Navarro and Fernando Belasteguin.

    padel award-winning paquito navarro and fernando belasteguin

    Rudy Project Propulse Padel Collection

    As we said at the beginning, paddle has gradually involved more and more people.
    Given the wide diffusion of this sport, even the big companies specialized in the production of sporting items, have started to create accessories for practicing this discipline.
    Cutting-edge items that make your sports performance spectacular.
    And this is exactly what the Italian brand Rudy Project has done, creating for you a collection of glasses designed just for the padel.
    The Rudy Project Propulse Padel Collection sunglasses are perfect for playing paddle.
    The enveloping design that makes the fit optimal, is able to follow the shape of your head.
    Stability, comfort and safety are the basis of this eyewear.
    Thanks to the numerous air intakes and the deeper lenses, the tearing is reduced to a minimum and the field of view is increased. Try them now!

    rudy project propulse padel collection sunglasses

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