oakley and rudy project ski and snowboard goggles 2022

    Oakley and Rudy Project New Ski Goggles 2022

    Winter is just around the corner and for winter sports’ lovers the most beautiful season of the year is coming.
    And what better time to enjoy a beautiful day on the snowy slopes and breathtaking downhills?
    If you love skiing, do it safely with Oakley ski goggles and Rudy Project ski goggles.
    Always number one in the sports industry, the two brands have created ski goggles for all your needs.
    Let’s discover together some of the most popular models for winter 2021/2022.

    Oakley Line Miner

    Let’s start with the Oakley Line Miner ski goggle. It’s designed to fit snugly to almost any face type.
    Thanks to the cylindrical design, peripheral vision is completely improved, both laterally and downward.
    Plus, with the fleece lining and three-layer foam gasket, you won’t have any sweating problems.
    Available in various colors, try them with the Iridium coating designed to reduce light glare.

    Oakley line miner ski goggle

    We continue with the same line and we see together Oakley Line Miner XM.
    Made with a flexible O-Matter frame, it fits your face perfectly even in the coldest weather.
    What’s more, Plutonite lenses are designed to protect your eyes 100%, both from sunlight and from the annoying blue light.
    For an optimized view in any weather condition, there is a double ventilated lens that minimizes fogging.
    Thanks to the lowered frame, Line Miner XM lenses are compatible with most ski helmets.
    Try them with Prizm lens technology.

    Oakley line miner xm

    Oakley Flight Deck

    Let’s continue with the Oakley brand and check out Oakley Flight Deck Prizm Sapphire Iridium.
    This is a mask that takes inspiration from the visor of the helmet of fighter pilots.
    Much wider than regular ski goggles, it allows you to expand your visual field to the max so you won’t miss even the slightest obstacle.
    With the Ridgelock lens change system, changing lenses will be a breeze.
    Moreover, this system ensures a completely airtight closure to prevent any kind of infiltration.

    Oakley flight deck goggles

    In addition to the Large, Oakley has also added the Medium size to the Flight Deck family.
    The new Oakley Flight Deck XM Matte Black goggle fits smaller faces.
    For a better fit, the strap is adjustable and silicone-coated.
    The rimless design lets you choose the helmet you like without any goggle compatibility issues.
    Available in a variety of colors, choose the Prizm lens technology that’s right for you.

    oakley flight deck xm

    Rudy Project Spincut

    Let’s change brand and move into the world of Rudy Project. For you four unmissable models.
    Let’s start with Rudy Project Spincut. Characteristic of this mask is the OTG (Over The Glass) design, the system that allows you to wear prescription glasses under your ski goggle.
    Thanks to the wider conformation, you won’t feel any pressure from the temples on your head.
    If you prefer not to wear your prescription glasses, Rudy Project gives you the possibility of using the Rx Optical Insert.
    This is a structure that can be applied inside the goggle with corrective optical clips for those who have slight visual dysfunctions.
    Total comfort and maximum safety with the large cylindrical lens and the adjustable elastic band.

    Rudy Project Spincut ski goggle

    Rudy Project Skermo

    We continue with Rudy Project Skermo, the mask with an elegant design perfect for professionals and non-professionals.
    The RP Optics lenses protect your eyes from UV rays, giving you completely clear and optimal vision.
    Best vision also thanks to the double anti-fog lens.
    Try the four colors of lenses: multi-laser blue, lime, orange and Kayvon red.

    rudy project skermo goggles

    Rudy Project Klonyx

    To conclude, newcomers to the family, Rudy Project Klonyx.
    They have been designed thanks to the advice of the best athletes in the world, and for this reason they are technically advanced.
    A mask created with all possible comforts in order to elevate your sporting performance to the maximum.
    Try also Rudy Project Klonyx Sferik, with the removable nose protector.

    Rudy Project klonyx ski and snowboard goggle

    Winter is coming, don’t be unprepared! Buy now the best ski and snowboard goggles 2022 on Lookeronline.com for sport performances of another level.
    And for even greater safety, visit our blog and discover new Rudy helmets.

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